Scanner Database

This database stores detailed information regarding scanners, their drivers and Pyinsane's support of those.

Pyinsane allows programs like Paperwork to use scanners on many platforms (Linux, *BSD, Windows, etc). However, many scanners and scanners' drivers have their own quirks. This database helps identify them. It also helps figuring out which scanners are already correctly supported, and which ones need improvements.


A test program has been created to collect data quickly and automatically: IronScanner.

You just have to run the program, select the scanner, define some basic test settings, and run a test scan. It will then send the results to this database.

Beware of the paper you will use for testing. The scanned paper will be published here.
If you don't know what paper to use, you can simply print and then scan one of those test pages: A4 / Letter

Test scan reports are published under the license WTFPL v2. By submitting a report here, you accept to publish it under this license.

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