Usage statistics

Statistics sources

Only users that enabled anonymous statistics to be sent are taken into account here. Unless specified otherwise, only users that reported at least 50 documents are taken into account here.
There are currently 52 Paperwork instances included in those statistics matching those criteria.

Paperwork instances send statistics about once a week.

Statistics are kept at most 40 days since their last update.

IP addresses are not stored in the database. Only system UUIDs.

Raw statistics

Raw statistics can be downloaded here.

Operating Systems reported by the Python interpreter (+ 'flatpak' for Paperwork installs using Flatpak).

posix are usually GNU/Linux systems (but could be *BSD systems).

nt are Microsoft Windows systems.

Per paperwork instance Per document

OS variants / distributions

Windows Linux

Number of documents

  1. 2159
  2. 1430
  3. 1297
  4. 1279
  5. 1106

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